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Jonny’s Fitness publishes great videos on effective fitness programs and successful weightlifting, as well as online video tutorials for your daily workouts, created by experienced fitness coaches who specialize in personal training.

Obviously, there is a story behind every successful online platform. The idea for Jonny's Fitness was born out of passion and enthusiasm for sports. The exchange of experiences and interests in the various disciplines and the extensive repertoire of exercises and training find their way into this medium which provides all those interested and sports enthusiasts with a platform to share their passion with like-minded people. The development of digital media offers us the opportunity to reach a large number of people willing to pass on their knowledge and experience.

In 2011, we launched our very first website under the name "". Unfortunately, neither did we have the technical possibilities nor the necessary time to implement the project successfully.

Three years later, we picked up on our idea again and followed our passion. After 2 years of hard work and many small setbacks, our website was finally ready to go live on the World Wide Web in 2016, and we published on our portal the first workout plans for fitness programs and weightlifting.

The popularity of the site increased rapidly, and we developed more and more new ideas and features. In 2017, we initiated a complete rework, making it possible to film and share many diverse training plans from all fitness and weightlifting areas. Thus, we are now able to offer online training for fitness, weightlifting and personal training., every athlete can demonstrate his or her training plan to other athletes in videos and training programs and be included in the coaching staff. Users can thus identify with the contents of the platform and share their knowledge and passion. They have a medium at their disposal through which they can communicate and develop new ideas with other like-minded individuals. Our platform also serves as a talent pool and promotes the optimization of future professional athletes' training plans. We want Jonnys-Fitness to establish itself as a comprehensive and renowned compendium in the area of fitness, with interactive training programs, informative exercise descriptions and nutrition-conscious recipes.

We are building a community made up of professional trainers and athletes. The goal is to create communication with added value. New impressions, relevant successes, and creative ideas can be exchanged and optimized on Jonny's Fitness. Every athlete contributes with his knowledge and can learn something in return. Our professional videos draw from the experience and training of skilled professionals and personal trainers.

At, every sports enthusiast is welcome and can ask questions anytime and about anything. Promoting young talent is very important to us, and many trainers are happy to take on new young talents. The result is an interaction that further enhances weightlifting and fitness as a sport and ensures its continued existence. Sport is more than just training muscles and improving physical condition. It unites friends and fans with each other and can mentally support the inner balance as well as the self-confidence in one's own abilities. On our website, athletes can talk to each other, solve problems together, and make new friends. If you want to be part of this great community, just click on the following link and share your passion with us!

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