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My name is Benjamin and I believe in fitness. I am sure the fitness no matter what path you are going to make you a better person.

If you feel better in your body because your stress is compensated for by sportive compensation, you will not only look for it but also feel it and radiate it.

That's why we have created this site to provide you with the best of 40 years of training experience. After thousands of hours of training and a lot of training plans later, our plans combine the best of training techniques and methods to guide you to the goal. First of all.

To my sporty career. I already started in elementary school with teakwondo. It was a pleasure to practice this sport. Especially at tournaments one quickly noticed the force,
Endurance, agility and coordination are necessary to survive in combat.

In the course of time I got back problems through the fighting. These made me run out of sports impossible. Followed by sleepless nights with pain. At a doctor's visit, I was told that my muscles are too weak and I must build them to become complaining.
When I first entered the studio I was 15 years old and had no idea what to expect. The prescribed hypertrophy training suggested very quickly and helped me correct the defects. I was born like new, without pain without suffering and limitations.

After school time was over and my professional life was interrupted I was looking for a way to keep fit without having to be present at the training sessions. Therefore, the gym came as called.

The fitness sport is the necessary basic to stay mentally and physically fit. The training can also be targeted specifically to sport in his sport. The feeling is just fantastic. To feel the body gaining in substance and well-being.

In the course of the years muscle building up to maximal force phases followed until the system was exhausted. Sure you are very strong but real comprehensive fitness means more than just heavy weights
to move.

So I decided to lose weight and take the other important motor skills such as endurance and strength more.

In the course of the years I came to the result of a balanced mixture between strength and strength endurance to prefer. Because this is the only way to make you stronger and faster.
This is also reflected in the training concepts. Train differently

With sporting greetings


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