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At Jonny's Fitness you will find the optimal training plan to shape your body perfectly through effective bodybuilding and to optimize your physical condition.

Successful athletes and body-conscious people attach great importance to the perfect fitness and appearance of their bodies. If you want to achieve fast and visible results for your fitness and body through an intensive endurance and strength training tailored to your body, Jonny's Fitness will provide you with the right and fitting tips and training plans. Our community consists of experienced athletes, trainers and bodybuilders who know exactly what your body needs.

My name is Christian, and I have been working in fitness and endurance sports for several years now. My main discipline is triathlon. Triathlon is an endurance sport, consisting of a multi-discipline competition. It includes swimming, cycling and running, which have to be completed successively and exactly in this order. The peculiarity of this sport is that the athlete must hurry and cover a certain distance using different means of transport, whereby the clock continues to run even in case of temporary interruptions, such as switching between disciplines. Swimming, running and cycling were great passions of mine, and I was thus able to achieve many victories and successes. I also ran countless marathons and covered many ultra distances. Through hard training and discipline, I pushed my body to maximum performance and always adhered to my training plan. At the same time, I paid attention to my nutrition and improved my physical condition in many small steps. My knowledge as an experienced endurance athlete has grown over the years, and now, I would like to pass on this knowledge to interested sports enthusiasts.

Since I was not able to train in the open during winter, I figured that bodybuilding in the gym would be a great alternative to improve my physical condition and fitness and to increase my performance. Bodybuilding shaped my body, and the feedback I received was more than positive. My enthusiasm for strength training grew. Due to my mesomorphic body type, my muscles grew so fast over the winter that I became almost too heavy for the marathon disciplines. 7 years ago, I finally decided to stick with bodybuilding. Nevertheless, endurance sports remained an important basis of my training program to actively promote fitness and health.

Together with my brother, I founded Jonny's Fitness. This internet platform serves as an exchange and knowledge forum for experienced trainers, athletes and sports enthusiasts. Here, you can find efficient training plans, and athletes interested in sports as well as hobby sportsmen can ask questions about bodybuilding, endurance training and other fitness workouts.

The goal of this platform is to connect a community of athletes and coaches and to create a sophisticated communication between the users. Every athlete shares his or her own experiences and tips in the chat and can learn from his or her peers at the same time.

You too can benefit from the know-how that Jonny‘s Fitness provides free of charge. You will find new training partners and make new friends. Sport brings people together and creates new relationships. The hobby, which every athlete is passionate about, can also turn into a career. On our platform, you will learn different and motivational approaches, which you can use to shape your body to perfection, and maybe even choose a new path of life. A healthy and strong body gives you self-confidence. And with this new-found strength and energy, you can set yourself ambitious goals.

I will soon publish current and optimized programs with training plans and tips on our platform.

With sporty regards,


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