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Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown


Cable exercises are not to be ignored as they offer many advantages. They allow you to attain a full range of motion from top to bottom with constant tension directly placed on the muscles

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  1. Start by setting a bar attachment (high pulley)

  2. Face the bar attachment and grab it with the palms facing up (supinated grip) at shoulder width.

  3. Lower the bar by using your lats until your arms are fully extended.

  4. Ellbows donĀ“ t move.

  5. Elevate slowly the bar attachment up as you inhale.

  6. Only the forearms should move and the elbows should be stationary.

  7. Then begin to lower the cable bar back down to the original staring position while exhaling.

  8. Repeat this for the recommended amount of repetitions your plan includes.

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