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Hamstring Curl


It's important to adequately develop your hamstrings, as they're susceptible to injuries during sports and other physical activities if they lack strength. The hamstring curl is an exercise that strengthens the hamstrings.

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  1. Lie on top of the bench face down.

  2. Make sure that your knees end up just beyond the edge of the bench.

  3. Place your feet underneath the ankle.

  4. Rest so that the ankle rest sits on your Achilles tendon, directly above your heels. Grasp the handles in front of you.

  5. Bend your knees and drive your heels up so that you force the ankle rest up and toward your buttocks.

  6. Don't allow your hips to rise up off the bench.

  7. Bend your knees as far as you comfortably can under control.

  8. Extend your knees so that you lower the ankle rest back down to starting position.

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