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Front Raise


The exercise also utilizes the muscles of your upper back as stabilizing muscles, meaning they are engaged with your deltoids in lifting the bar or dumbbells.

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  1. Pick a bar on the cable tower and stand with a straight torso.

  2. The bar on front of your thighs at arms length.

  3. With the palms of the hand facing your thighs.

  4. This will be your starting position.

  5. While maintaining the torso stationary, lift the bar to the front with a slight bend on the elbow.

  6. Continue to go up until you arm is slightly above parallel to the floor.

  7. Exhale as you execute this portion of the movement and pause for a second at the top.

  8. Inhale after the second pause.

  9. Now lower the bar back down slowly to the starting position.

  10. Continue alternating in this fashion until all of the recommended amount of repetitions have been performed for each arm.

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